Biometrics and ID Authentication Now Combines with Document Verification

Reading time:1 mins

In a world where anonymity is often used as a means to infiltrate organizations undetected or assume someone else’s identity, authentication and access management are becoming increasingly important tools in the virtual fight against data breaches and fraud across all industries.

And while the concept of ID verification may seem fairly straight forward, nothing could be further from the truth. Ask a room full of IT guys what the best authentication platform is and you’ll likely get 20 different answers. The market is flooded with several options and a lot of misinformation. Two things that don’t play well together.

For those seeking a higher level of authentication assurance, it’s critical that you tackle ID verification in two parts:

Step one – find a solution like BioSig-ID that has:

  • MFA in one simple solution
  • Is easy to use/deploy
  • That can be used for continuous access after their initial onboarding
  • Can’t be shared, replicated, or compromised in any way

It’s likely you may have heard others stating that their solutions are easy to deploy and hassle-free, but be wary of these claims. Not all biometrics are created equal and choosing the wrong one can be costly!

Step two – make sure the solution you choose includes a step-up ID authentication layer that verifies from the onset who is onboarding into and accessing your system. While there are different ways you can do this, we recommend BioProof-ID powered by Mitek. Not only does BioProof-ID provide you with BSI’s award-winning biometric-based machine learning technology to catch fraud, it also includes the most advanced AI-powered digital ID verification system on the market thanks to our partners at Mitek, giving you guaranteed assurance that the right person is accessing your network!

At the end of the day, authentication assurance is all about ease of use and ensuring streamlined security. Why not go with an all-in-one solution that accomplishes this from the very beginning and provides a one-stop-shop for authentication and access going forward?

Using pins and passwords as your de facto authentication tool, which as we’ve pointed out before are easily shared and/or compromised (don’t even get us started on changing your password every 30, 60, or 90 days) is no longer sound science. Opt for a solution that is effective, tested and proven to work. Go with BioSig-ID the Gold Standard of MFA biometric authentication.