New Automated Proctoring Solution Offers Unique Benefits

BioSight-ID is an automated proctoring solution to traditional live proctoring methods. By providing a passive, proven way to monitor students during exams, BioSight-ID:

  • Uses blurred faces to eliminate any student privacy concerns
  • Doesn’t disturb students due to live remote proctors
  • Is non-invasive and runs silently in the background while testing occurs
  • Provides to-the-minute pictures and reports that identify any suspicious/questionable behavior during an exam
  • Delivers end-to-end deterrence and assurance to stop cheating, when combined with the power of BioSig-ID
  • Is a fraction of the cost of other remote proctoring solution in the market

How it Works

BioSight-ID uses the student’s webcam to passively take images during any testing event.

The service is available 24-7 on any device and does not require the use of a proctor or scheduling service

BioSight-ID combines automatic machine learning validation with BSI’s proven AI technology to guarantee proven results

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Automated proctoring Enrollment, before an exam users authenticate their identity, Monitoring, BioSight-ID uses automated blurred images to monitor user's activity via web cam, Results, Face images are continuosly analyzed by BSI's AI.