BioName ID signature process

An electronic signature is intended to provide legally binding signatures showing intent. They fall short in providing identity authentication of the physical person who is making the signature virtually.

BioName-ID™ reinvents the electronic signature by providing a high level of biometric accuracy using a person’s legal signature. Unlike traditional e-signatures which don’t compare a signature to a template, BioName-ID can assure recipients that the intended person has added a legally binding signature. By authenticating the person with BioSig-ID with an authenticated signature which is compared to a pre-existing signature template, you can be sure of the signer’s identity.

This solution can be used anywhere online for transactions that require

  • Proof of authenticity
  • Data integrity
  • Non-repudiation of communications conducted online

BioName-ID™ significantly improves ID verification, reducing fraud and streamlining the process of signing documents virtually. This same technology is a natural for a host of other applications including financial, legal, healthcare and ecommerce.