BioSig-ID™ Reporting Tools

BioSig-ID does not just authenticate your users with biometric accuracy and multi-factor protection.  It offers a powerful back end forensics suite with a range of standard and custom reports including User Experience/Adoption, Risk Rating, Real Time Event Notifications and Suspicious Activity Reports.

These reports offer a comprehensive analysis of all your users' authentication activity and user experience over a date and time range. Reports analyze comprehensive neural net data mining of the user’s historical public data logs and BioSig-ID password validations using our HALT algorithm (history, activity, location and time). Analyzing user behavior patterns identifies user risk ratings and flags suspicious activity indicating identity fraud, giving your team advance warning of potential problems. BioSig-ID technology also offers reporting that is compliance-ready, useful to demonstrate federal regulation compliance such as the Department of Education's requirement to validate and document attendance in online learning.

BioSig-ID Reports:

  • Suspicious activity is identified
  • Historical activity over a date/time range
  • Reasons to suspect fraud rings
  • Risk rating for users with high suspicious behaviors 

Reports are configurable to your network's needs, allowing you to document logins of specific groups such as third party vendors, particular nations, or any designated scenario.