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FindBiometrics Interview: Jeff Maynard, CEO and Founder, Biometric Signature ID

As the biometrics landscape continues to evolve, various next-generation authentication modalities are emerging to better best serve the specific security and convenience needs of relying parties. Among these new modalities is gesture biometrics, like those offered by Biometric Signature ID, a leader in this [...]

February 2019

August 2017

BSI Adds Team Members as Company Experiences Historic Growth

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: BSI Welcomes Dr. Mark Sarver, David Chatham Tyler Weiland, Ryan Bench, David DeShazo and Julie Ricke to the team New team members bring invaluable business and sales experience; vital to the continued growth and success of BSI New additions to [...]

June 2017

BSI Welcomes New Board Members

BIOMETRIC SIGNATURE ID WELCOMES NEW BOARD MEMBERS AS COMPANY CONTINUES MONUMENTAL GROWTH BSI Welcomes Ron Heinz and Walter Hamilton to the Board of Directors Both Heinz and Hamilton bring with them invaluable business and biometric security experience; vital to the continued success of [...]

March 2016

Central Texas College Hits Biosig-ID Milestone With 50,000 Students

March 1, 2016 -- Dallas, TX -- Central Texas College in Killeen, Texas has hit a milestone with over 50,000 of its students now logging in securely using Biometric Signature ID’s biometric identification software BioSig-ID.  The Texas community college system has a number [...]