New Virtual Proctorless Solution- BioSight-ID Replaces Live Remote Proctors

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COVID 19 virus is changing the way schools can utilize live remote proctors. Recently, companies offering these services have reduced or suspended activity. Click here for more info A Lockdown Abroad Disrupts Testing at Home. At present, it seems highly unlikely that this situation will change any time soon, requiring many institutions to move to a plan B solution. What are the options?

First, let us go back to the reasons why schools were using live remote proctoring in the first place….

In many cases, schools wanted to create a deterrent and reduce opportunities to cheat. Proctoring was a way for the institution to assure its faculty and the accreditors that the student who is registered is actually taking the exam and receiving the deserved grade. Fast forward and live proctors came into use when online courses grew so much the use of on-site proctor facilities could not keep up with demand and onsite testing for students was no longer feasible IE. traveling long distances to bricks and mortar facilities.

But even before the COVID 19 crisis, virtual live proctoring had been receiving failing grades on several critical areas:

  1. Web-based companies have developed ways to circumvent proctoring solutions so surrogates can complete the exams without the proctor’s knowledge. Click here for more info Virtual Proctoring and Passwords – at the end of their useful life? 
  2. Results of a recent randomized trial involving 1500 nurses detailed significant issues with live remote proctors (even caused lower grades), spelling problems for its continued use. Click here for more info — Virtual Proctoring receives Failing Grade in Large Randomized Trial 
  3. User privacy is a major issue for the Feds. In addition to the high costs of live virtual proctoring, students are now concerned with their privacy prompting the OIG to get involved. In the study quoted above (see # 2), privacy concerns (recording face, audio, room, ID..) and giving proctors control of your PC were among the top concerns. Click here for more info —Students find proctoring increasingly scary and invasive

COVID 19 is having us change the way proctoring solutions are being delivered. Combined with the significant concerns raised with using live virtual proctoring means it’s time for a change. Cheating and integrity issues will only get worse as more students use online courses. The time for action is now. The ideal solution for our new reality as we increase our social distance should:

  • Use more advanced technology that can monitor cheating in BOTH exams and all other gradable assessments, throughout the course
  • Use remote student ID authentication that stops surrogates/unauthorized users from logging in
  • Avoid the privacy issues of collecting facial images, ID docs, recordings, and more
  • Provide a solution that is easy to use and lower cost so it can be used throughout the course

Introducing two solutions to provide all the tools for your new reality – BioSig-ID and BioSight-ID

BioSig-ID – is a proven student ID authentication solution that uses gesture biometrics to draw your password with your finger or mouse in a unique pattern that prevents others from a successful login to do your work, since they cannot easily duplicate your drawing pattern. Strong AI forensics has identified 1,000’s of cheating students for our clients. Proven after adjudicating student ID for millions of exams, tests, quizzes before allowing only the registered student access. Read more: Have You Heard About The Only Biometric You Can Draw?

BioSight-ID™ – is our new virtual proctorless solution that establishes suspicious activities including if the student is present, disappears or other people are present. The way we do this is a novel approach that avoids capturing privacy revealing images. Then we combine these into our dashboard showing infractions with Real-Time Event Notifications. No scheduling required, immediately available at a fraction of the cost of live remote proctors.

This combination of deter and detect at every point is all you need to stop cheating!

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