Biometrics and ID Authentication Now Combines with Document Verification

In a world where anonymity is often used as a means to infiltrate organizations undetected or assume someone else’s identity, authentication and access management are becoming increasingly important tools in the virtual fight against data breaches and fraud across all industries. And while the concept of ID verification may seem fairly straight forward, nothing could be further from the truth. Ask a room full of IT guys what the best authentication platform is and [...]

Proctoring Auto-Authentication Is Not Authentication

WHY INSTITUTIONS SHOULD BE LEERY OF THIS AUTHENTICATION CLAIM The latest twist on virtual proctoring – a service to help online school programs protect against cheating – is “auto-authentication,” a way to take the human observation element out and leave it to computers to ensure identity. The process is designed to be cheaper than human-aided proctoring which is typically expensive – averaging more than $20 a student per test. The problem is, it isn't [...]

Hackers Just Broke into Admissions Databases at 3 Colleges. Are You Next?

News outlets across the country are reporting that last week, at least 3 colleges and potentially one vendor with more than 800 higher-ed clients were potential victims of a cyber-attack that gave unauthorized access to highly sensitive data. The takeaway? Hackers made off with personal admissions data and offered potential students a chance to see his/her admissions file, including comments by admissions officers, assigned ratings, interview notes, teacher recommendations, and a tentative decision. How did [...]

Think You’re Not Target Of Academic Dishonesty? Think Again!

Academic dishonesty (aka cheating) ... Even with newly passed rules and regulations in place, cheating is ever-increasing. We all know it's a growing problem in higher education, but why? One answer, online courses. Thanks to online and distance edu. courses, students have a way to earn degrees without ever cracking open a textbook. A quick 15-minute Google search and you'll find yourself with a plethora of options ranging from test banks to essay mills and [...]

Commercial Contract Cheating… 31M Students Say It’s So Easy, It Can’t Be Wrong

“Contract Cheating”, it’s the latest buzzword in higher education, yet it’s been around a long time. Since the beginning of online academia, we've seen this issue rise to epic proportions and it's only getting worse. This growing epidemic where students recruit third parties to complete their assignments is increasing rapidly and presenting a HUGE threat to academic standards and quality worldwide. In his book the "Shadow Scholar", Dave Tomar talks about how he worked as [...]

Identity in the Crypto Space

The Rise of Identity Management in the Cryptocurrency and Blockchain Space By: Guest Author - Legal Counsel for Unspecified Bitcoin Organization Published: September 20, 2018 Identity verification and access management are increasingly important as numerous companies begin to explore the possible uses of cryptocurrency and blockchain technology in their industries. Although anonymity is often boasted as an advantage to using these technologies, allowing users of cryptocurrency and blockchain to remain anonymous could result in the [...]


Despite many of our best efforts, data breaches are still a very real, very BIG problem. Hackers continue to compromise valid credentials to access company networks in order to steal data and show no signs of stopping anytime soon. Two-factor authentication (2FA) simply isn't a viable solution because there's no way to guarantee possession of the cell phone by the legitimate person. There are 5 other reasons why SMS related security using cellphones makes this [...]

School Reputation Online Easily Destroyed by Breaches

Reputation is a precious resource for online Higher Ed. It drives your degree value and that drives revenue. Your school reputation online can be destroyed by criminals quickly in a breach. Because that causes scandal. Criminals are one of the top causes of unwelcome publicity, fines and lawsuits. They get inside your system by impersonating others. Their goals may be financial aid fraud, crypto jacking, cheating, ransoms, records theft or just general mayhem. Logging in [...]

Shared Credentials Means You’re Guilty of Hacking

If someone enters the right credentials, that’s good enough for any website. Simple username/password is the most popular way hackers gain entry.  You’ve almost certainly done it too. You’ve impersonated someone, or let someone else impersonate you. You've shared credentials. Have you ever…. 1. Shared your banking login with your spouse 2. Used team passwords at work 3. Shared passwords for a family photo sharing account 4. Shared passwords for individual iTunes accounts to share [...]

Patient Privacy Now Top Concern Over Cost of Care

Eventually, patients had to react to ongoing stories of how their data is used without their knowledge online. They may have felt safe on Facebook before, but ongoing privacy scandals across the internet seem to have caused new awareness of data dangers. Patient privacy has zoomed to the top of their concerns. A recent survey by insurance company Aetna shows patient concerns have now tilted to privacy over cost or even quality of care. Healthcare [...]

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