Patient Privacy Now Top Concern Over Cost of Care

Eventually, patients had to react to ongoing stories of how their data is used without their knowledge online. They may have felt safe on Facebook before, but ongoing privacy scandals across the internet seem to have caused new awareness of data dangers. Patient privacy has zoomed to the top of their concerns. A recent survey by insurance company Aetna shows patient concerns have now tilted to privacy over cost or even quality of care. Healthcare [...]

GDPR Compliance And You

GDPR COMPLIANCE OVERVIEW  A look at the EU’s latest General Data Protection directive (GDPR) and the new PCI DSS and how BioSig-ID meets regulatory statutes to keep you in compliance By Jeff Maynard, Founder, President and CEO, Biometric Signature ID Published: 14 May 2018 A new EU (European Union) compliance regulation and the new PCI DSS (Payment Card Industry Data Security Standards)will redefine user privacy within Europe and beyond. The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) will have [...]

Multi-Factor Authentication -The New Frontier Of Virtual Security: Here’s Why

Multi-Factor Authentication - The New Frontier Of Virtual Security: Here’s Why Hardly a day goes by where there’s not a report of a data breach, or someone’s personal information getting stolen. Despite many of our best efforts, data breaches are still a very real, very BIG problem. In 2017, 2 billion files were leaked as a result of data breaches and those are just the ones that were reported. As you’re reading this you [...]

Data Breaches… More At Stake Than Just Your Bottom Line

Turn on the news, read an online article, or pick up a paper and chances are you’ll see a story about another data breach identity-driven hack and its impact on a company’s bottom line. What you won’t typically see, are the number of records that were stolen, the types of records being hacked and perhaps most importantly, the effect it has on a company/industry beyond just the monetary value. Since 2013 more than 9B [...]

Student Authentication Guidelines: Coming Soon To An Accreditor Near You

Lately, there’s been quite a lot of buzz surrounding “student authentication” and what universities and colleges need to do to become compliant. From the landmark case between WGU and the OIG to the countless billions lost in 2017 alone to academic cheating and financial aid fraud, it’s clear that the time for change is now. Recently the largest education accrediting agency in the U.S. passed new requirements for student ID authentication. The new regulation(s) [...]

Accurate Attendance Records: Why It’s Necessary For Compliance and Saves You Money

Each semester, education loan fraud by criminals who pose as students grows tremendously. Fraudsters are easily able to pose as students because they are not required to make a physical presence. As long as a student can make it to census date, they are eligible to receive the thousands of dollars from Pell Grant monies. Keeping accurate attendance records is crucial because it's required for Title IV fund eligibility. However, ordinary attendance records don't [...]

EdTech Conference Highlights Biometric Signature ID’s Biometric Password

The Biometric Signature ID team headed to a recent EdTech conference which draws education I.T. professionals who want to see the latest tools that enable online education. BSI was there to demonstrate BioSig-ID, its patented software that authenticates student identities. Currently many schools and their learning management systems are accessible with simple username and password or PIN. That's not authentication, it's just credential approval. It could be anyone behind that keyboard. Did you know [...]

Finding The Needle In The Haystack: How BioSig-ID Forensic Tools Catch The 2 Types Of Fraud

Online Fraud Protection - What is it? Fraud using the “virtual highway” is big business with data breaches costing $6.2B in 2016 and financial student aid fraud (FSAF) costing upwards of $6.0B annually. Online fraud protection is not optional. But how do you go about it? There are at least two types of common internet or device-based fraud: Data theft for financial gain typically gleaned from your user's records, that leaves organizations with the [...]

Pell Grant And Direct Student Loan Fraud: Best Practices For Saving $ Millions.

Pell Grant and Direct Student Loan Fraud are two of the biggest obstacles plaguing institutions of higher education and the worst part is, there’s no immediate end in sight. In 2016, almost $4 billion was disbursed improperly. With the feds cracking down and looking at new funding models, it’s uncertain what the future holds for financial aid or how it will affect students and schools. The feds have responded with new regulations that now [...]

2FA SMS Is No Longer Secure… Here’s What You Need To Know

Recently, several of the world’s top professional poker players revealed that they have been victims of a hacker or group of hackers who took over some of their non-poker online accounts. The security weakness that allowed this to happen was one most people wouldn’t expect: two-factor authentication (2FA). 2FA insecurity remains an unguarded area of opportunity access that hackers can exploit. One of the most common forms of 2FA is SMS text messaging using a person’s mobile phone. [...]

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