Making A Move To Online Classes? Here’s One Thing You Should Know:

  In the wake of the Coronavirus Pandemic (COVID-19), it’s likely that your institution is moving your live classes online for the foreseeable future. For many institutions, moving to online courses is unchartered territory creating a sudden wave of panic, concern and leaving many wondering “where do we even begin”. As if you weren’t already dealing with enough, your institution must now also consider student authentication. Cheating in online classes is rampant. The Dept of [...]

Have You Heard About The Only Biometric You Can Draw?

  Many types of biometrics exist. At last count over 25 physical and behavioral biometrics are used for different use cases. How do you know which one is suitable for you? As a start consider an earlier post on the Top 10 Tips in selecting a Biometric. Now it’s time to peel back the onion and discuss some unique properties of one biometric that has moved up the usage ranks quickly because of social/environmental pressures [...]

Virtual Proctoring Receives Failing Grade in Large Randomized Trial

Wow, A recent study has detailed significant issues with virtual and live proctoring that spells problems for its continued use. The National Board of Certification and Recertification for Nurse Anesthetists (NBCRNA) recently completed a study where nurses were randomized into one of six groups based on two methods of proctoring (in person or live online remote) for taking an assessment. They indicated this was one of the first independent studies outside of companies who provide [...]

Beyond Contract Cheating: The Bigger Picture And What’s Really At Risk?

Turn on the news and we’re likely to hear about another cheating scandal in higher-ed. Stories of students paying others to do their work is a common theme these days and appears to be a global threat. In fact, 31m students say it’s so easy, it can’t be wrong. The unfortunate reality is that contract cheating and academic dishonesty are big business, leading more individuals to cash in on the new “gold rush”. A majority [...]

Virtual Proctoring and Passwords – At The End Of Their Rope?

  Updated policies on student ID verification from the Department of ED are signaling an end to Virtual Proctoring and Passwords. These changes while not drastic, include new rules and regulations specifically tied to Academic Integrity.  As part of the Reauthorized Education Act of 2020 (clause §602.17(g) stipulates: Removal of the words Passwords and Proctoring AND… That institutions must use processes that protect student privacy   Let's explore WHY these changes took place: Consideration 1: [...]

New Hotbed For Academic Cheating Springs Up In One Of The Most Unlikely Places!

With the Fall semester in full swing, you can be sure that students are already looking for ways to cheat! We all know that academic fraud is a growing threat in higher education, especially since most assessments are only accessed with a password that anybody can use. (this is why the Dept. of Education has removed passwords as compliant for student ID verification) A recent New York Times article uncovered a new (and dare we say [...]

Selecting A Biometric? Here’s Our Top 10 Tips For Success

Biometric identification is a fact of life. Yet choosing the wrong biometric solution can get you sued, increase your costs, cause a user rebellion and turn your life upside down. When choosing a biometric solution, it’s critical that you have certain minimum standards in place. Whether choosing a biometric for user authentication or as part of a Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) solution you need a worry-free platform that meets all current regulations and reduces your liability. [...]

Passive Behavioral Biometrics: Identifying the Fallacies and Dispelling the Myths

In today’s ever-expanding technology market, it’s easy to get caught up in the latest buzz words and noise. Start talking about biometrics and you’ll likely hear someone throw out terms like “frictionless”, “passive” and “behavioral” but what does this all mean and better yet, how does it impact you? For starters, companies who advertise themselves as behavioral biometrics are really talking about “behavioral patterns only” and then combine with either keystroke or face biometrics to [...]

Financial Aid Fraud – How to keep your job and avoid having your name in the press

Financial Aid Fraud. We’re at a tipping point and things are about to explode. The reality is, FSA fraud is a $6B problem annually and it’s happening in your institution. Consider this: The Department of Education shows that 3.99% and 8.15% of Direct loans and Pell grants respectively are part of “improper payments” paid out annually. Several reasons exist for this but the one that hurts you most is “straw student” fraud.  The Dept [...]

Student ID Authentication Strategy Now Impacted By Negotiated Rulemaking

It’s official! By now you’ve heard that big things are happening in higher-ed. Earlier this year, the Department of Education (ED) met with the establishment of the Accreditation and Innovation Committee to begin the negotiated rulemaking process (Neg Reg). As of the beginning of April, the U.S. Department of Education's negotiated rulemaking committee came to an agreement on all 50+ issues up for consideration. Included in the new set of rules and regulations was a section [...]

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