Hack dangers

Ignore Authentication at Your Peril

User Authentication Risks

Most breaches today occur at the password authentication level. An estimated 100% of passwords are hackable no matter their length, exposing systems and data to criminals. When user authentication fails because it’s insufficient, the door is wide open to breaches.

  • Hacking
  • Subcontractor/vendors/third party access
  • Data-on-move
  • Insider theft
  • Employee error/negligence
  • Accidental exposure

To stop these threats, companies must step up their security. This can only be accomplished by introducing multi-factor authentication.

Many enterprises currently use 2-factor authentication which is inherently weak. Downsides:

  • Requires hardware like a mobile phone for an SMS code or a token or fob
  • Requires personal question answers, vulnerable to social engineering and publicly available databases
BioSig-ID Eliminates Authentication Risks

BioSig-ID™ fixes weak, typed passwords with just four characters you draw. Even if an imposter learns the password they can’t duplicate how it’s drawn. BioSig-ID™ blends amazing biometric technology with the password format users are comfortable with. The simple change from typing to drawing your password eliminates imposter log in to your accounts.

• Revolutionary approach guaranteed to be indigestible to hackers
• Gesture biometric technology – no hardware or software downloads
• Authenticates users by capturing their unique movements (gestures) as they draw a password with their finger or mouse
• Stops fraud by preventing stolen and shared passwords – can’t be forged, duplicated or engineered
• Forensics, reporting and real-time alerts

Market Pain Points

Hemorrhaging at the bottom line, loss of confidence by your clients, potential loss of market share and/or share price, potential fines and a big loss of focus in your primary business.

Multi-factor Authentication

Usernames and passwords do not provide any corroboration on the physical person logging in. Systems can only approve credentials. Authentication identifies the user personally, not the credentials. BioSig-ID is a multi-factor authentication solution that requires no hardware or even software downloads. It satisfies all requirements of enterprise for strong user authentication.

  1. Assurance that the registered user is the same user trying to access the site
  2. Excellent user experience (time, intrusiveness, cost, convenience, overall feel)
  3. Secure multi-factor access from multiple devices
  4. Tracking to provide evidence of all the events surrounding the authentication activity
  5. Any-session login without the need for any special equipment
How BioSig-ID Works

BioSig-ID™ captures a user’s unique movements: direction, speed, length, angle, height, etc. as they draw and create their passcode using just a mouse or finger. Each time a user logs in, their passcode is compared and only if the patterns match will the “legitimate user” gain access to the online activity. Imposters are stopped in their tracks. Even if they were able to gain access to your passcode they must duplicate the user’s unique biometric movements used to create the passcode, nearly impossible.

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