Using Password Resets To Your Phone? Think Again Feds Say No!

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Did you see Feds are phasing out the use of sending secure message texts (SMS) to your cell phones. Why? because it is not secure and has given rise to a lot of fraud- you may have been a victim un-knowingly during a password reset!

National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) is  calling for the end of SMS 2-Factor Authentication or “2FA”. This was an unavoidable conclusion with all the security holes in cellular/LTE data communications. The carriers (AT&T, Verizon, etc) did not want to spend the money to secure the data, specifically SMS, and that led to the development and rise of apps like WhatsApp. WhatsApp and others are nothing more than secure messaging, as opposed to SMS, unsecure messaging. Where the carriers did not want to spend money, others found a goldmine. You do remember WhatsApp was sold to Facebook for 19 billion (yes, that’s with a “B”) dollars?

Currently one of the largest suppliers of SMS identity verification is via Microsoft Azure (boasting over 20 million users) and we will see a large number of them leaving in droves. Keep in mind, if NIST says it is a no-go, many corporations will have their hand forced into making a change.

The writing was on the wall. Biometric Signature ID saw the problem. Our BioSig-ID biometrics solves the problem because our biometrics can backup, or invalidate, an identity before and after the fact and SMS alone cannot do that.

Here is a link to the full NIST draft:

Check out this video here: