50% Of Americans Reduce Online Banking Or Shopping Due To Security And Privacy Concerns

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In May the National Telecommunications and Information Administration (NTIA) – a government agency released the results of a national poll on privacy security and Internet use.  Nearly half of Americans surveyed refrain from online activities such as banking or shopping out of security and privacy fears.

They found that By far the most frequent concern—shared by 63 percent of online households—was identity theft. Other common concerns included credit card or banking fraud, data collection or tracking by online services, loss of control over personal data, data collection or tracking by government, and threats to personal safety

Forty-five percent of households surveyed said that security and privacy concerns – including identity theft, fraud, data collection, and loss of control of personal data discouraged them from conducting online banking and shopping or posting about controversial or political matters on social networks.

BSI reports this in our news as an important survey that speaks to consumer sentiment/discontent with current security technology and the lack of controlling our own privacy. We all know pins and passwords are not enough to manage our identity and not able to guard our virtual assets. We need more. We have reported in our blog site the reasons why consumers should not give up their body images coming from our own physical biometrics. These physical biometrics like fingerprints, facial scans and other body parts are irreplaceable. Once stolen they are gone forever and remain in the hands of unscrupulous criminals. You can’t grow new fingers or a new face. Then we have the risks to the institutions that we work for or interact with who require us to provide body images to maintain our employment or to engage in our social sites. Once the companies who collect and store our biometrics are hacked, lawsuits will erupt and liability may last a lifetime. (This is now the basis for multiple class action lawsuits against Shutterfly and Facebook for example who use facial tagging software to identify their users).Why risk it? Institutions and consumers have alternatives.

We don’t want to stop using the Internet as a wonderful place to shop and bank. But we do need better security. Biometrics are the highest level of security yet until recently they have required extra hardware/cost and elicit a poor user experience.  Biometrics that measure your behaviors and change frequently are the answer when choosing a biometric. Gesture biometrics are unique because they can also be reset just like you can do with your current pin and password, except it is so much more secure. This is very important if ever hacked. Look for merchants/institutions that will protect your privacy with higher level security. Take back control of your privacy and don’t give up your body parts. The time to start taking care of your privacy is now.

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