Thank You Central Texas College With 50,000 Students!

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We’re excited to hear from our partner Central Texas College in Killeen, Texas that they now have 50,000 students using our BioSig-ID authentication software. CTC has branches all over the world with logins from just about every ISP out there. Like all schools with distance learning programs, CTC faced a tall order protecting their LMS system from faux “students” who game the system by enrolling, receiving loans, then dropping out and disappearing. Loan fraud is a huge issue in distance learning today. And proctoring – while great for exams – can’t really be used to handle every day logins. It’s just too expensive.

Another problem is defending against students that engage in academic dishonesty by handing over their passwords to friends or even rings of cheaters who’ll take their class and/or tests for them. Integrity is key to any distance learning program – and with so much competition for jobs after graduation, reputation is all-important these days.  CTC is at the forefront using cutting edge technology to ensure its students can be proud of their degree.

We love hearing that BioSig-ID is handling so many students at CTC. Thanks for your continued support!