Dallas, Texas – January 15, 2014—Biometric Signature ID (“BSI”) announced today that it has released “Gesture Biometrics – A Game Changer for Remote Authentication” whitepaper. Fast approaching 5M uses in 70 countries, recipient of the New Product Innovation of the Year Award from Frost & Sullivan, and chosen by the White House to provide identity verification online with its federal initiative, Biometric Signature ID’s innovative technology is quickly becoming the market leader in the field of online identity protection.

We are all getting fearful about our privacy and security especially as we remote in to a digital asset such as a bank account, e-commerce site, healthcare portal, even our social sites. When an institution like Target and others have a breach we lose confidence and many of us will switch to another institution or merchant. These data breaches can quickly lead to identity theft and fraud sometimes within hours. “BioSig-ID™ really can be a game changer,” said Jeff Maynard CEO of Biometric Signature ID and author of the paper. “Its biometric technology offers a new twist – no hardware is required and it can be activated on any device using just your finger, mouse or stylus. The BioSig-ID technology ensures the person who registered for the online account is the same person who is trying to access that account remotely and only then allows access.”

A user name and password easily permits access so anyone can log in on behalf of another. The grail of identification is to verify the actual physical person not just someone who has gained knowledge of a user’s PIN or password, or can successfully answer security questions or who may be in possession of a stolen credit card or document. “User experience is the key for the consumer,” said Maynard. “They have to trust and accept a solution that is accurate but also easy to use. Gesture biometrics provide an answer to the problem. With independent testing reporting 99.97% accuracy and first time users confirming a 98% positive user experience, BioSig-ID’s simple online interface is something that’s never been seen before.”

Read the Whitepaper – “Gesture Biometrics – A Game Changer For Remote Authentication”