July 10, 2015 — Dallas, TX – Biometric Signature ID, a leading provider of software gesture biometrics, announced a new venture with partner B Virtual Inc., a global leader in online proctoring. The companies will offer a new solution to authenticating identity online called BioProof-ID, which allows a biometric identity established by new users to be matched to legal documents providing proof of identity. This legal confirmation and real-time witnessing at the point of identity creation sets a new standard for authentication and provides a powerful weapon against fraud.

By combining Biometric Signature ID’s innovative gesture biometric, BioSig-ID™, with B Virtual’s live online credentialing professionals, BioProof-ID will provide a new level of trust that links legal identity with biometric identity for the first time in a consumer level product. Biometrics are distinct physiological characteristics unique to individuals such as fingerprints, DNA, irises, and faces. A gesture biometric is an individual’s way of behaving, in BioSig ID’s case how users draw their passcode using a mouse, finger or stylus. BioSig-ID has been independently tested and found to be 99.97% accurate in keeping impostors out.

Rick Beaudry, CEO of B Virtual says, “We are thrilled to have been the chosen partner for BioProof-ID.   Having our live online professionals utilizing BioSig-ID’s technology 24 x 7 worldwide will ensure that the person who creates their biometric signature is being credentialed and then watched as a first step in the process. ”

The addition of B Virtual’s credentialing confirmation acts as a barrier to imposters attempting to game the system by creating a false identity using their own gestures to create a drawn passcode. “BioProof-ID adds the necessary insurance that the person creating their passcode is really who they say they are,” says Jeff Maynard, CEO of Biometric Signature ID. “BioSig-ID provides truly formidable security, but it is designed to authenticate the user who created the password. BioProof-ID is a way to prove beyond a doubt that the person who creates the identity is the same person legally. That’s the radical step forward here.”

BioProof-ID is intended to assist healthcare and education institutions, and financial and corporate entities with an innovative process for authenticating and verifying online identities throughout their lifecycle; it provides institutions with unparalleled security confidence that goes beyond anything currently on the market. BioSig-ID employs multi-factor authentication, which the U.S. White House urged all online companies to adopt for cyber security in October 2014.